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  2. How do you test the performance of a theme?
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Affiliate Disclaimer

Some links on this site (mainly hosting, themes and domain) are affiliate links which means that we might earn an affiliate commission if you click on one of those links and purchase the product. This will not add any additional costs to your purchase – in some cases, you will even get the product cheaper because some kind of coupon code will be applied to your purchase.

We don’t get paid for writing reviews about products or services. All reviews are our own opinion backed by personal experience and testing data.

How do you test the hosting companies?

All web hosting companies listed in our “Hosting Finder Tool” were tested the same way. We paid for the respective hosting package like a regular customer to avoid any special treatment.

We installed the same WordPress installation on each web hosting and ran a lot of tests to see the real world performance of the hosting.

The theme used on our demo installations was “Enfold – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme” by Power Elite author Kriesi.

All performance tests were conducted from the closest possible server location.

How do you test the performance of a theme?

To test the load performance of each theme listed in the “Theme Finder Tool” we use GTMetrix. We test the real demo provided by the theme author. If a theme has multiple demos we always choose the first demo link that appears on the site.

Some WordPress themes don’t have a valid demo (offline, errors, HTML site …) so we can’t show information about this theme. In general, you should keep your hands off these items because there is a good chance that the author of the theme does not care about this item anymore.

We always use the closest possible server location to test the theme performance.

Comment policy

Feel free to leave your comment to any blog post or comment from another user. We will not tolerate any offensive or discriminating expression or spam. We reserve the right to exercise editorial control over any comment submitted.

The story of WP-Compass

For many years we are very passionate about WordPress and its exciting development, making it the world’s most used content management system.
Over the years we have conquered many of the obstacles people are facing when setting up their own WordPress website. As you can imagine that was really time-consuming but we have gained lots of interesting insights what topics are tricky to establish and what criteria are crucial for a successful WordPress website.

We have progressed from just using the default WordPress installation to adapting and optimizing themes, creating complex websites with WordPress and the use of many of the available plugins, being theme developers on our own and also running an agency and implementing major WordPress projects with clients.

We created this website to help you getting the maximum out of WordPress and making the right decisions at every step during the creation of your website.

We love to pass on our vast know-how that we have gained over the years.
We have developed a completely new approach in providing you with performance data and a new, highly comfortable way in making every single WordPress decision that you are facing as simple as possible.
In the core, it’s our near-realtime updated and advanced Theme Finder and Hosting Finder that deliver unprecedented data of WordPress Themes and Hosting providers – so that you can conveniently filter and choose what fits best to your needs and requirements.

Along with that, we have compiled an extensive guide/tutorial that is guiding you step by step to the major milestones in creating a successful website with WordPress.
So no matter if you are interested in speeding up your WordPress site, optimizing it for SEO / Google, the best way to secure your website or finding the right theme and customizing it to your needs –
we got you covered.

Our blog covers relevant topics like marketing, tools and many tips and tricks that will give you an edge and make your website more successful.

We are the #1 source for all your WordPress topics – totally free! And of course, we’d love to hear your feedback about further development of the website or other topics you would like to see covered.

How to get in touch?

For general questions about the site, feedback, advertising opportunities or technical problems that you encountered, you can write an email to

We try to answer every email as soon as possible however it might take some time as we are receiving lots of emails every day.

Please don’t contact us for theme or hosting support related questions. Please contact the respective theme developer (most of them offer some kind of support forum) or hosting company instead.