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Quick setup

  • Easy to use one click demo import
  • 6 demos to choose from
    • Defult
    • Agency
    • Directory
    • Marketplace
    • Investments
    • Agent
  • 16 homepages
    • 3x Property Slider
    • 1x Image Slider
    • 5x Map
    • 3x Video
    • 2x Directory
    • 2x Image 
  • All images included
  • All videos included
  • Ready to use and easy to customize “Contact” & “About us” pages
  • You can set your currency & units of measure
  • You can translate it easily and for free
  • Add any new property field (e.g. garages, roof type)
  • Build page easily with drag and drop page builder
  • Configured, built-in internal cache to speed up your page
  • Get buzz effect – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more social share built-in

The easiest searching

  • Dynamic searching and instant results
  • Add unlimited new property fields, modify its names, how to display field on the search form, change slugs (part of the link e.g. /for-sale/,
  • change order of the fields
  • ultra rapid search by map
  • Hide fields based on the property type e.g. hide bathroom when property type is office
  • Filter child field values by parent field (e.g. City > Neighborhood > Street)
  • Multirent price option /day, /week, /month
  • Autocomplete suggestions based on available options (no empty suggestions)
  • Compare unlimited properties
  • Property card – gallery or single featured image
  • Flexible labels (add new or remove): For Rent, For Sale, Sold, Hot Offer
  • Easy to navigate:
    • Highlighted Active Fields
    • USefull labels with “remove” buton
    • Sort by: Price, Popularity or date
    • 3 grids

Customize style

  • Mobile & tablet ready
  • Upload logo
  • Choose page primary color
  • Flexible header styles
  • Sticky and transparent menu options
  • Multi column dropdown menu
  • Flexible footer styles
  • 10 000+ map styles
    • MyHome Gray Pallete
    • Roadmap, Sattelite 
    • Snazzy Maps – more than 10 000 styles to choose from
  • 800+ Google Fonts
  • Parallax / video background
  • CSS 3 animations
  • Dedicated icon pack
  • Well organized, commented and clean code
  • Child theme ready

Property page

  • Order / hide sections
  • Property details
  • Gallery & slider options
  • Agent profile
  • Flexible contact form
  • Map with “nearby” option
  • Video
  • Virtual tour
  • Property plans


  • Easy to translate to any language
  • WPML compatibility
  • Free translations in 6 languages 73-83% – español, français, हिन्दी (hindī), polski, italiano, Deutsch
  • Maps in your language
  • RTL ready

SEO & speed

  • Optimized for Google PageSpeed Insights
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Microformats
  • Responsive images
  • Image lazy load
  • Built-in-cache
  • W3 Total Cache compatibility
  • Yoast SEO compatibility

Page builder

  • Build websites without any coding knowledge
  • Based on the most popular WordPress page builder plugin (more than 330 000 licenses sold)
  • 19 MyHome exclusive elements (not available in any other theme)
  • 30+ premium elements
  • 50+ standard elements
  • Frontend and backend editor
  • Animations, videos and full flexibility for not technical users

Frontend agent panel

  • Agent fully compatible with WordPress users
  • Fully flexible submit property form
    • required fields
    • instructions
    • change order
    • default map location
  • Moderation
    • ON – every property need to be accepted by admin
    • OFF – every property is auto published
  • Payments
    • Paypal integration
    • Stripe payments
    • If payments are “ON” everyone need to pay to publish property
  • Flexible user fields
    • Add any new field to the agent profile e.g. organization, faxReset and recover password.
    • Add link field e.g. personal site

Premium plugins ($122 value for FREE)

  • Visual Composer – the most popular page builder with more than 330 000 licenses sold) ($34)FREE
  • Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer – the most popular premium addon to Visual Composer ($25) FREE
  • Revolution Slider – the most popular premium slider plugin ever ($25) FREE
  • Easy Social Share Buttons – the most popular premium social share plugin ever ($19) FREE
  • Advanced Custom Fields PRO – free version power more than 1 million websites. MyHome include PRO version of it ($19) FREE

You can read more about Bundled Plugin here.

IDX Broker Integration

  • Article about IDX Broker Integration ( MLS )
  • List of templates styled in the IDX Broker

Safe Purchase

  • 5 start rating
  • Themeforest featured item of a week awarded
  • Themeforest weekly top seller awarded
  • Quality checked by Envato
  • Free future updates

Top-notch support

  • Theme dedicated Help Center
  • Support team waiting to help you with all questions or fix any problems
  • We help with installation
  • 90+ articles in the Knowledge Base

Need help ?

We will do our best to help you. Please send us an email explaining the issue – support@tangibledesign.net

We will solve it faster if you provide necessary logins and passwords in the email (wp-admin and FTP)


If you update from 1.X to 2.X version please remember to backup the files. For more information about update please read this article: How to update MyHome?
Here you can find article about MyHome v. 2.0 Update – 50 most important new features

3.0.4 – 28th June 2018

Added: First level item margin right (px) option
Added: Logo margin right (px) option
Added: Single Property Attachments PDF / Word icon
Added: Button "See all" integrated with property carousel, post carousel etc.
Added: Admin bar "MyHome" menu
Updated: All plugins
Fix: minnor css, js, php bugs

3.0.3 – 25th June 2018

Fix: minnor css, js, php bugs

3.0.2 – 19th June 2018

Added: Agent can edit all properties option
Fix: minnor css, js, php bugs

3.0.1 – 17th June 2018

Added: Text Field - search form drop-down order list by popularity or alphabetically
Fix: minnor css, js, php bugs

3.0 – 15th June 2018

Added: Social login / register - Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Linkedin
Added: Favorite Properties
Added: WooCommerce Payments Gateway
Added: Save Search + mailing about new properties aded
Added: Display submit property form before login / register
Added: Front-end submit property - steps
Added: Property Attachments
Added: Add "Additional Features" module via Front-end panel
Added: Limit number of photos and size for Front-end panel
Added: Login / Register popup when someone click "Add to Favorite" or "Save Search"
Added: Page Builder element - Pricing Table
Added: New user roles: Agency and Buyer
Added: Agent can join Agency via token
Added: Agency can invite Agent via typing email
Added: Max images number per property
Added: Max size of single image (MB)
Added: Max plans number per property
Added: Max size of single plan (MB)
Added: Max attachments number per property
Added: Max size of single attachment (MB)
Added: Properties expire after X days
Added: Map clusters - on / off
Added: User can select account type when register option
Added: Validate number field option
Added: "Street View" - on / off
Added: Front-end panel - Text Field - Auto-fill form values based on Google Map address
Added: Front-end panel - Text Field - Autocomplete
Updated: All plugins
Fix: Minnor css, js, php bugs

2.1.17 – 9th April 2018

Updated: All plugins
Fix: Minnor css, js, php bugs

2.1.16 – 26th March 2018

Added: MyHome IDX Broker - Auto Setup
Added: Blog - display posts in 3 or 4 columns option
Added: Unfold first property plan by default
Added: Hide Login / Register / User Menu at top bar option
Updated: All plugins
Fix: Minnor css, php bugs

2.1.15 – 21st March 2018

Added: MyHome IDX Broker - new pages available
Updated: All plugins

2.1.14 – 19rd March 2018

Added: Agent List / Carousel - choose by ID
Added: Blog - Custom Sidebar option
Added: Blog - Title and subtitle option
Fix: Minnor css / js / php bugs

2.1.13 – 8rd March 2018

Added: MyHome Demo Importer - server requirements checker
Fix: minnor bugs

2.1.12 – 3rd March 2018

Fix: minnor bugs

2.1.11 – 1st March 2018

Added: Single Property Page shortcode module
Added: Property cards - gallery - max number of photos
Fix: minnor js / php / css bugs

2.1.10 – 20th February 2018

Added: Google Map mobile dragging
Added: Property comments option

2.1.9 – 18th February 2018

Improvment: IMPress for IDX Broker integration
Fix: Multiple prices on the property card bug – 17th February 2018

Improvment: IMPress for IDX Broker integration
Fix: minnor php bugs – 15th February 2018

Fix: minnor php bugs

2.1.8 – 14th February 2018

Improved: IMPress for IDX Broker plugin integration
Updated: all plugins

2.1.7 – 12th February 2018

Added: load combined and minified MyHome Theme CSS files option
Improved: overall speed

2.1.6 – 9th February 2018

Fix: minnor css, js, php bugs

2.1.5 – 9th February 2018

Fix: minnor css, js, php bugs

2.1.4 – 3st February 2018

Added: IDX Broker - Automatic Synchronization via Cron
Updated: All plugins

2.1.3 – 1st February 2018

Added: 190+ color pickers to customize most of MyHome colors without CSS knowledge
Improved: MyHome Options - new order of the options for better readability

2.1.2 – 25th January 2018

Fix: minnor css, js, php bugs

2.1.1 – 16th January 2018

Added: Parent field type: Relationships based on manual choice
Fix: minnor css, js, php bugs

2.1.0 – 3th January 2018

Added: Full IDX Broker Integration

2.0.1 – – 12th October 2017 – 30th December 2017

Added: Offer type - text "before" price option
Added: Frontend user panel - "My properties" searching option
Added: Frontend submit property - drop-down options - "Alphabetic"
Added: Frontend submit property - drop-down options - "Most popular"
Added: Login / register - choose the first visible tab on /panel/
Added: VC Search form left / right - add elements to sidebar
Added: Custom search forms for autogenerated pages
Added: Search form - "Checkbox" field move "checked" to the top of the list
Added: Property cards - icons
Added: Single property page - icons
Added: Open property in the new window option (map/listings etc.)
Added: Pagination option on autogenerated pages
Added: Single property "sidebar elements" backend (CTA)
Added: Top bar - WPML flags
Added: Properties "Sort by:" Alphabetic order
Added: Unlimited number of prices and price ranges (from - to)
Added: Single page top title header image edit on backend
Added: Property search form Visual Composer - pagination option
Added: Footer always sticky to bottom on the short pages
Added: Price range (from - to) option
Added: Single property - display multicurrency in the sidebar
Added: Login / register text in top bar option
Added: Search form - hide number of results (e.g. 40 Found)
Added: Hide address globally option
Added: Excerpt limit option on property card
Added: Frontend registration - confirmation email option
Added: Frontend registration - welcome email option
Added: Get email notification when new property has been added
Added: Get email notification when property require moderation
Added: Get email notification when property has been updated
Added: Get email notification when new user has been registered
Added: Notify user when property has been approved
Added: Notify user when his property was declined
Added: Single property sticky sidebar
Added: Login / register reCAPTCHA
Added: Single property gallery and slider 60+ new transition types
Added: Related properties on single property page
Added: Property ID - display on the property card option
Added: "Back to search" link in the single property breadcrumbs
Added: Testimonials option "read more"
Added: VC button - link to page (list)
Added: Breadcrumbs
Added: Gallery option on the search forms property card
Added: Inbuilt cache system
Added: Schema.org - microformats
Added: Menu custom colors
Added: Sold label - you can set that property is not displayed in the search form
Added: Property list Visual Composer element
Added: Single property backend - multi-select fields based on selectize.js
Added: Submit property - text input comma separated multiple values
Added: New field type: ID
Added: Unlimited multicurrency option
Added: Unlimited rent labels e.g. /month, /week, /day
Added: Search form: multi-select field type
Added: Search form: autocomplete field type
Added: Search form: parent fields (dependency)
Added: Submit property: multi-select fields
Added: Submit property: own order of fields via /wp-admin/
Added: Submit property: add instruction to any field via /wp-admin/
Added: Submit property: set default location
Added: Submit property: hide any field
Added: Submit property: make any field required
Added: Submit property: choose field width 50% or 100%
Added: Agent Profile: create any new field to agent profile
Added: Agent Profile: create link field e.g. "website"
Added: Agent Profile: display bio on agent profile
Added: Agent Profile: change password section
Added: Footer - chose number of columns
Added: Header: transparent sticky with light / dark background
Added: Single property - big header with featured image background
Added: Contact Form 7 build into single property page
Added: Property Fields - drag and drop instead of arrows “up” and “down”
Added: Custom Search Forms - create own unique order of fields for different pages
Added: Property Fields panel changed name into MyHome Options
Added: Default text when price is not set
Added: Single property page - set own section order via /wp-admin/
Added: Single property page backend multi-select fields

v.1.0.1 – 1.0.15 – 9th April 2017 – 20th September 2017

Added: Marketplace Demo - Slider instead of static image
Added: Single property address - change autocomplete address for any different text
Added: Google Maps styles: Roadmap / Satellite / Terrain / Hybrid
Added: Demo - Investments
Added: Demo - Agent
Added: Demo - Marketplace
Added: Visual Composer - Agent List
Added: Visual Composer - Property Search Form (with search button)
Added: Sticky Menu
Added: Visual Composer - Attribute Mosaic
Added: Auto Height Image Carousel
Added: Search form default "Sort by" option
Added: Search form "featured" properties only option
Added: Extended documentation
Added: Easy Social Share Buttons Plugin
Added: Contact Form 7 Plugin
Added: Contact page
Added: About Us page
Added: WPML integration
Added: Property Virtual Tour
Added: Set Header Logo Height
Added: Single Property Page - All "near estate" pins visible after loading a page option
Added: Property fields - display on property cards option
Added: Property fields - hide on single property page option
Added: Property fields - do not use as a links on single property page option
Added: New Front End Panel Image uploader - drag and drop option
Added: Widget area to single property page
Added: Widget area to listing with search form on sidebar
Added: Possibility to add empty dropdowns
Added: Currency - thousands separator and decimal separator option
Added: Agent option panel - choose fields you want to show
Added: Single property - switch on/off sidebar
Added: Single property - switch on/off contact form
Added: Single property - switch on/off agent info
Added: Map colors - gray, default by Google and custom
Added: Documentation +8 page
Added: Display on / off - "Advanced" button,
Added: Display on / off - "Clear" button,
Added: Display on / off - "Sort by" filters,
Added: Display on / off - "grid" option,
Added: "Number of filters to show before the Advanced button" option
Added: RTL support
Added: property Video - support mp4 format

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Compatible Plugins:
Visual Composer 5.1.x
Visual Composer 4.12.x
advanced search
google maps
real estate


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